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Note: Labyrinth Legends offers a Tutorial ingame. Both completing the tutorial and reading the rules for the first time gives you a small reward in the game. If you came here through the browser version, you got 125 points.

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How to play Labyrinth Legends

Labyrinth Legends is a turn-based card game for two players (at the moment). In a game of Labyrinth Legends, both players try to bring their opponents health to 0. To do this, both players can summon minions to move through a labyrinth and to attack their opponent. To support their minions, both players can use cards to cast spells or create equipment for their minions. In addition to this, the players can conquer parts of the labyrinth and place traps, create buildings or even transform the conquered parts with special labyrinth cards to grant unique boni to some creatures. Conquering fields will also grant additional energy to the player, which is needed to play cards. When two opposing minions meet, they can fight with each other, while a minion can attack a player directly when it reaches his or her starting point.


Each player starts the game with 100 health points and 50 energy. The energy is required to play cards and will be generated at the end of each players turn. Old energy is never lost, so it is possible to save energy for later turns. The energy gained equals 5 per starting point (normally 3 per player) + 1 for each field conquered. At the beginning of each game, both players draw 6 cards and one additional card at the beginning of each turn. A deck contains 30 to 40 cards (the test deck has exactly 30 cards) and when a player has drawn his entire deck, they can't draw for 5 turns before his entire discard pile is shuffled back into his deck. There are several different types of cards that will be explained later: Minions, Evolutions, Fusions, Spells, Permanents, Equipments, Traps, Stealths, Labyrinth Legendss and Abilities.

The field

The field is a labyrinth with three entrances on each side (starting points), on which the players can summon their minions on and from which they can move them. Every neutral (white) field that is entered by a creature will be conquered by its owner and take on his color. Normally any conquered field will belong to its player for the rest of the game; however, there is a way to conquer fields from an opponent: When a player has a minion in both halves of the labyrinth while his opponent doesn't have a minion in the players side, that player is dominating (his name will be underlined). The dominating player can conquer opposing fields in his own side of the labyrinth by stepping on them, while it is normally impossible to conquer fields in a players own half of the labyrinth.


Creatures are the most basic cards, mainly constisting of: energy cost (upper left corner), attack and health (in the middle) and speed (upper right corner). The energy cost has to be paid in order to summon the minion, which causes the card to vanish, while the attack value equals the damage the minion will deal to another minion or to your opponents health. Any damage minions suffer is permanent and when a minions health is re-duced to 0, it will be removed from the labyrinth and its card will be discarded. The speed shows, how many fields the minion can maximally move per turn. Also, each minion has a level from 1 to 5, for which the following rules are applied (these rules are also applied to the higher levels, e.g. the level 3 rule is applied to level 4 and 5 as well):
Level 3: Immune to effects that instantly destroy.
Level 4: Unique. Each player can only have one copy of this minion out at once. Can't be brought into the labyrinth except by normal ways (if possible), its own effect or effects that specifically target this card.
Level 5: Immune to effects that remove the minion or its card from the labyrinth without destroying them first. Each player can only have one level 5 minion out at once.


In addition to that, some minions have abilities that grant them some powers. These abilities are:

Flying: If this card can still move this turn, it can forgo all those moves to fly one field in any direction, ignoring walls.
Momentum: When defeating a minion, this card can still move and even attack with the leftover damage (When attacking a 15 health minion with 20 attack, the momentom-card will have 5 leftover damage and can move and deal them to the next target).
Counter: When this card is attacked, the attacker also takes damage. The damage is listed on the icon.
Range: This card can attack minions who are further away. Unless stated otherwise, this does not mean this card can attack minions behind walls.
Equip: This card can turn into equipment and equip other minions by being near them.
Invisible: Your opponent can't see this card. However, they can still attack it or target it for an effect if possible. Once it deals or takes damage, it becomes visible..
Burrow: This card can burrow itself in the ground, becoming invisible and untargetable for attacks and effects, but unable to move or attack. It can also unborrow again.
Building: This is less of an ability and more of a classification. A building can't be placed on a players starting position, but can instead be set on any field its owner has conquered. Buildings don't have levels, but are treated as if they were level 3.
Linear: This card can only move into one direction per turn.
Other effects are stated in the cards text.

Evolving and Fusing

Evolutions don't work as normal cards once they are in your hand. Instead, they vanish and you will learn them. Once an evolution is learned, its owner can evolve the base-minion listed in the cards text by paying 10 energy. The card itself is not lost and you still have the ability to evolve. If an evolved minion is discarded or leaves the labyrinth in another way, it will revert to its base-form before leaving a card.

Fusions work similar to Evolutions. However, they need two or more minions to work, which are also listed in the cards text. To unite minions, they need to touch each other without any walls between them. When fusing three or more minions, note that only the minion in the middle, that is touching every other material, is able to unite with the others.

Spells, Permanents and Equipment

Spells are supports for minions or players. Their only value is energy cost, and after that is payed, the card is discarded and its effect is applied.

Permanents work the same way as spells, however their effects keeps working until they are discarded (often through their own effects after a certain time or when not meeting a certain condition). Permanents dont stack with themselves, so having the same permanent twice gives the same result as having it once.

Equipment Cards grant a certain effect on a single minion. They are bond to that minion after being played and are discarded with that minion. When the equiment leaves an artifact, it is dropped instead. That means its owner can pick up the equipment with any other minion that walks over it so it can grant its effect to that new minion instead.

Traps, Stealths and Ability Cards

Traps are invisible objects that are placed on a field the owner has conquered and that are triggered when an opponents card walks over them. Until triggered, the opponent neither sees that a card was played, nor that energy was paid. Traps are discarded when triggered.

Stealth Cards are similar to traps as they also stay hidden for the opponent after being activated. A Stealth Card has a certain triggering event that causes the cards effect to activate automatically (regardless of which players turn it is), after which the Stealth is revealed and discarded.

Abilities work just like spells, however they are learned when drawn just like evolutions or fusions. That means their effects can be activated without discarding the card (they still have costs).

Labyrinth Legends Cards

Labyrinth Legendss are special cards that transform every field under their owners control. That means they have effects that normally affect all minions or other object on these fields. In addition to the effect stated in their text, labyrinths also have colors and grant all minions in them with matching colors special protection:

Red: Red minions are immune to damage from other red minions, as well as fire damage from spells.
Blue: Blue Minions can't be frozen.
Green: Green Minions can't be moved by effects.
Brown: Brown Minions can't have their attack or maximum health lowered by effects (they still take damage from damaging effects).
Bright: Bright Minions can't have their effects or abilities suppressed.
Dark: Dark Minions can't be poisoned.

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