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About the game

Labyrinth Legends is one of my old ideas when I was still in school, transferred to a pc game. Like most trading card games, it focuses on two players playing against each other, but it aims to be as competitive as possible by including many elements from real-time strategy games, such as a (literal) fight for territory, advanced combat tactics and fights that are drawn out over large areas. Labyrinth Legends also aims to get rid of most frustrating scenarios by leaving as few things as possible to chance. This might sound paradox in a card game, where you will never know what you draw, but aside from a shuffled deck, there is nothing luck-based in the game. The slower pace especially at the start of the game, when players focus on territorial advantage and setting up, means that even bad draws won't let a player fall behind too far, since they always have time to get back before the first serious confrontations start.
Labyrinth Legends would work nicely in a 3D-environment, which is something I definitely want to do sometime in the future, as well as a battle AI for computer battles and systems like a marketplace, booster packs and preconstructed decks.
The following goals are planned for the near future:

  • New Cards
  • A replay-function.
  • Watching battles.
  • A labyrinth-app.

  • About the developer

    Before I talk about myself, I'd like to leave a thank you to you, the reader and, hopefully, player. I hope you are enjoying yourself and playing my game. Thank you for playing and reading this.

    My name is Nicolai Stuhlmüller, I am 23 years old, from Germany (so please excuse any grammatical errors I made) and I am studying IT in my hometown. The idea for Labyrinth Legends came to me more than 10 years ago when I was still in school and when I was imagining the game, I initially thought of it more as a real card game with actual cards and little chips to move. I kept designing cards when I was traveling or bored in school and even printed some of them out and took them to school to play with friends. When I reached the higher classes, though, I lost the idea for several years until it came back to me and so I started to create the game, now with my knowledge about programming. A pc version just offers so many possibilities that I decided to go that way once I aquired the necessary programming skills to finally fulfill my old dream and create Labyrinth Legends. At the moment, what you can play or download here is pretty much something between a playable prototype, a gameplay demonstration and an alpha-version that will be expanded in the future. As I am doing almost all the work alone, except for graphical work (shoutout to miaumaumau.de for awesome textures), it is really hard to provide the game I've envisioned right now, so hopefully someday I can manage to partner with a greater developer so Labyrinth Legends can become a serious gaming experience and so I can focus on creating and implementing cards (right now, there are about 1000 cards already planned with different mechanics or styles and there is space for much more). If all that fails, but there is still interest in the game, I might develop the game on my own, either by crowdfunding it or by working and saving. Until I am at that point, I will continue working on this version, which means you can actually watch the game grow. If you want to support Labyrinth Legends, the best thing you could do is spread the word and invite other players. That would help me more than anything else. However, financial support is also possible by using the donate-button. Right now, there are no rewards for donators yet, but any donation will nonetheless be registered and saved, so once rewards are implemented, you will get them for past donations as well. You will still get the points for the donation, which is 300 points per $/€, and once you can get new cards, you can instantly use the points.
    If you want to leave a message, critic, idea or anything else, just e-mail me at admin@nicos-labyrinth.com
    Have fun playing.

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