Download your version of Labyrinth Legends here

Download installer (Windows)

Click this link to download Labyrinth Legends.

Download as .jar (Mac, Linux)

Click this link to download Labyrinth Legends.jar.

Download patcher for Windows

Coming soon.

Download patcher for .jar

Coming soon.

Download LabyrintMaker and create your own cards

Click this link to download Labyrinth LegendsMaker.

How to use the LabyrintMaker

Using the Labyrinth LegendsMaker can be a bit tricky since it was only created for personal use, and as such is not very user friendly and only released for fun. First of all, huge parts of the program are German. Although it is not required to speak German to use the program, some mild knowledge would surely help. Otherwise, those are the steps to create cards:

1. Run either Labyrinth LegendsMaker.exe or Labyrinth LegendsMaker.jar, depending on your system.
2. To automatically insert a picture into your card, save a picture with the same name as your card in the folder "Kartenbilder".
3. Use HTML-syntax for the text. To insert energy into your text, just write :e(How much energy)x(The horizontal position of the panel)y(The vertical position of the panel)e:
4. Once you are done, press "Speichern" to save the card into the folder named "Karten". Make sure to press "Aktualisieren" first so that all your changes take effect.
5. To load a saved card again, enter its name into the field and press "Laden".

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