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Welcome to Labyrinth

What is Labyrinth?

Labyrinth is a turn-based trading card game for two players. It pits both players against each other, but as an added twist, a selectable maze is build between both players. The maze starts off clean except for some entrances for both players, but as the game progresses, both players can use their cards and send out creatures to claim parts of the maze for themselves, leading to both players slowly conquering the labyrinth. Creatures can also battle when they meet, with several different cards such as spells or equipment designed to support them available. Good and thoughtful conquering gives the player an advantage, as fields will support a player with valuable energy once they are taken over, which in return allows a player to use better cards, as well as allowing their owner to construct different buildings, enchant those fields with their own cards or even install elaborate traps for daring attackers. Do you think you are ready for the challenge? Once you've managed to come out on top in the huge fights for resources in this large maze, move your creatures to the opponents entrance points to damage their health and finish them off to win.
Good Luck.

Playable in English and German (Choose your language ingame).


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  • The tutorial is finished. Complete the tutorial for the first time to get a reward.
  • Labyrinth is now runnable in your browser. This also works on smaller displays and is recommended if your screen is unable to fit the game outside of fullscreen mode. The browser version uses cookies to save any customizations you made.
  • Version 0.0.3 alpha is now released.

  • Current Alpha State

  • New cards are already in the making, but as of now neither the deck builder nor the ability to get cards for points are finished yet.
  • Sometimes the server is a bit laggy if you connect for the first time. If you log into your account and don't reach the main menu after 10 seconds, restart the program and it should work fine.
  • If the start-button is disabled for a longer period of time, try clicking reload list.